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Root Canal Treatment

In the old days, Dental teachings were that “if in doubt whip it out”, teeth with diseased painful nerves were extracted. Thankfully, with advances in scientific dentistry, we are able to easily maintain the tooth. If your tooth is heavily decayed  

or damaged. Our dental surgery offers root canal treatment to preserve the tooth.




Even if one or more of your teeth seem badly decayed and rotted diseased, we can fix it. Some people do think extraction is the best option, but there is nothing better than your God given teeth. Tooth gaps lead to further problems, with bite and wear on adjacent teeth. If you seem like a candidate that the tooth is easily savable with root treatment we will take plenty of time explaining it to you, with visual aids. There are tiny canals within your teeth, and these can become diseased and cause pain. This leads to the central nerve chamber of the tooth, the pulp, to becoming infected as well. This is usually characterized by a dull throbbing ache, or hot sensitivity, or several other types of pain. The Dentist will clean and remove the infection in the root canal. All of the diseased pulp/nerve is removed, and cleaned with an antiseptic material, medication is placed within the roots and a temporary material is placed on top. Two weeks later, there should be no pain, and the tooth is sealed from the inside.

The sealant used is gutta-percha, an adaptable rubber, from the Malaysian Rubber Tree. Afterwards a permanent filling or a crown is placed on top.

It is a misconception that root canal treatment is painful, however the vast majority of people that have had the treatment state that it is not.