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Orthodontic treatment is available to all patients of all ages and provides patients with the opportunity to receive treatment which is tailor-made to suit their individual needs and requirements. We refer our patients to two practices in Aberdeen:


9 Golden Square                                                    

AB10 1RB                                                              


Thistle House,

24-26 Thistle Street


AB10 1XD


Straightening your teeth can be accomplished in several ways. Orthodontic braces align and straighten teeth perfectly by applying pressure from a wire. A bracket is positioned in the center of the tooth and a wire is fixed to it which provides the tooth moving force. Planning is provided by an Orthodontic specialist. 

The brackets may be metal or tooth coloured. They can be placed behind your teeth. Removable aligners are another option for treating orthodontic problems.


All Fixed braces and invisible aligner cases are planned by an Orthodontic Specialist.


  1. Removable, A user of inman aligner. A removable appliance ideally worn 15 hours a day . An entry lever teeth straightener prices starting from £1000.

  2. Fixed,  By far the most cost effective way to treating mild to moderate cases. Braces can be stainless steel, or transparent or white porcelain. Prices starting from £1200.

  3. Invisible aligners, these are high end transparent teeth aligning custom made trays, that snap fit onto patients teeth . 

     How are braces put on?


A system that has been developed to straighten teeth with a planned series of removable, comfortable, and almost invisible aligners.

These invisible aligner gradually straighten the teeth and are custom made to the patient. 

The orthodontist will make moulds of your teeth and send them to an orthodontic laboratory. The laboratory using computer aided tooth movement prediction software make a set of aligners that the patient will wear in a sequential series.


The first invisible aligner set will be ready in 10-14 days after moulds are taken. The later aligners will be fitted depending on progress of the previous ones. Progress does depend on compliance of the wearer. When worn as instructed, results can be seen well within a year.


Wear your aligners as long as you can during the day and night. Washing them carefully with tooth paste and toothbrush. Once the treatment is completed the teeth are usually whitened to get best results with a dazzling smile.




The aligners are removable so you can clean them with ease and enjoy your favourite foods)


Virtually invisible (so you can wear them to social occasions without worry, or leave them out temporarily for social occsions)


There is no metal wires involved so patients do not even know treatment is being carried out on you.