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An extraction means to have a tooth removed, usually because of decay, tooth degeneration or infection.
If an alternative to extraction is possible patients will be told.

If an extraction is to be done the dentist will numb up the tooth and remove it.

Patients will be warned that, after an extraction the following things can occur:

  • Pain (take painkillers e.g Paracetamol / Nurofen)

  • Bleeding (stopped by a squashed up gauze pack biting on the extraction site, for 20 mins)

  • Swelling / Bruising (usually disappears in a day or so)

  • Trismus (limited mouth opening)

  • Numbness of the Lip, chin and tongue (usually temporary associated with lower wisdom teeth)


Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars. Not everyone has them. They can cause a lot of pain and must be removed 

if any of the following becomes apparent:

  • Pain

  • Infection

  • Cysts

  • Damage to adjacent teeth

  • Gum disease, usually an unwanted flap of skin is atop of the tooth

  • Decay