Our cosmetic services include a variety of treatments, procedures, and specialties for patients looking to enhance smiles. These include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, implants, dentures, crowns, and orthodontics.

Our smile design procedure is a treatment that is customized to every individual. We can puzzle out divers concerns such as strengthening teeth, concealing blemishes, and laying down a good foundation for teeth. The Smile as an essential part of a person's persona, it shows happiness and contentment. Not everyone is given a dazzling smile, but we can change that. Through planning and critical analysis, and sometimes with external specialist help, we can fix most cases that have presented for us.
By selecting plans of different cosmetic dental treatments offered at the practice, a smile design makeover can make a flawless smile. We usually use a diagnostic wax-up of the result to show the patient what can be done.

Smile Design consists of:
Dental bonding - a procedure where the composite filling is placed on the teeth to mask blemishes, cracks, and discoloration; cost-effective but has its limitations
Dental bridges - a structure consisting of one to three or more artificial teeth anchored by crowns or wings on adjacent teeth
Dental crowns - a tooth-shaped restoration that covers the entire shape and surface of teeth, the white crowns look precisely like teeth
Orthodontics - braces used to align and strengthen teeth
Tooth whitening - a professional-grade bleaching system used to brighten and whiten the teeth
Porcelain veneers - customized razor-sharp porcelain used to conceal imperfections
We utilize a state-of-the-art London Based dental laboratory that we have enjoyed a very long-standing relationship. This laboratory creates components of the restoration, crown, bridge or veneer. And we can fit patients with their new restorations within two weeks.