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It is true sometimes teeth are beyond repair and must be extracted, but then missing teeth options are dentures (plates), implants or bridgework. Dentures are by far most cost effective.


Ranging from NHS acrylic to Private Hardened Lucitone plastic, non acrylics and reinforced cobalt chromium alloy mix.


Dentures take about 6 weeks to manufacture, unless an immediate one is specified.


A spare denture is always a good idea, particularly if front teeth are involved.


We can offer the highest standards of modern denture prosthetics.

Higher quality private dentures are designed for people who know what they want and who are aware of the fact that a high-quality denture will be a better fit and more comfortable overall. 

A denture is not suppose to last forever. 


The mouth gradually alters with time, particularly a mouth without teeth. But for people who have no teeth they can loose 1/2mm of jaw height a year. Medical conditions such as osteoporosis can cause an increase in shrinkage of bone. As the jawbone shrinks, so does the soft tissue which we call ridges that support dentures. Ridges can shrink up to 7mm in 10 years. 

The denture was made to fit firmly to the original shape of your oral anatomy, particularly the original shape of the ridges. At the time of the denture manufacture if teeth are taken out since it was made, there will be shape changes.


There is often gradual receding of the gum tissues. But over time, dentures will become slack, loosen and become ultimately unstable. This is why dentist suggest the replacement of dentures every 5 to 7 years.

Chrome Partial Denture

When teeth are lost and gum tissues shrink, lip facial profile support is lost. This is why people that have no teeth have sunken look to their lower face lips and cheeks.


Reasons for Replacement of a new denture.

  •  Worn in teeth

  • Crack lines or fracture lines

  • Looseness or slackness, which may be due to teeth removed

  • On-going pain or sore spots

  • Unable to eat with denture

  • Food stuck under denture

  • Slurred Speech

  • You need to routinely use denture glue 

Dentures can also be made in tandem with implants and magnets, making them very retentive and stable. The most stable Denture is the implant retained denture, only done if adequate bone is present.


Dentures should always be removed at night, scrubbed by a toothbrus/nailbrush and optionally placed in a solution of steradent.