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CROWN AND BRIDGE                WORK 


Posterior Crown

Dental Crowns cover the entire visible surface of the affected tooth. As we age, many of us find that our teeth are no longer structurally sound. Lost fillings, grinding, age, decay, heavy improper biting can lead to a large scale defects in a tooth's surface. It adds strength, durability and overall stability of the tooth. A preparation for a crown would take two visits. Visit 1, crown preparation and for the impression for the dental laboratory, then the Fit (visit 2 ) 2 weeks later. Crown quality varies from NHS metal crowns to Full Ceramic Crowns.  

Bonded Crown


Crowns can be extended with a suspended artificial tooth that can cover a missing tooth. The suspended crown is physically attached on either side by crown are anchored to the teeth that are adjacent to the gap. Alternatively Adhesive bridges are teeth with wings that basically glue on to adjacent teeth. (see animation sequence below)


Cosmetic Crown and bridge work materials can be the high-end high strength cosmetic Zirconia or the cosmetic pressed porcelain Emax or procera.


Full mouth restoration / Rehabilitation, Dr Joanna does do these cases here in Inverurie, with a close co-operation with the Specialists in the Restorative department at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Adhesive Bridge